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Auditmanager Pro – developed by auditors for auditors

Highly adaptable to customer needs

High overall efficiency thanks to maximum flexibility

Reduction of throughput times

Intuitive ergonomic operation

Reliable technology with a high level of security

Adapted to your individual needs in just a few workshops

Auditmanager Pro is our audit management software developed with auditors and initiated by the Auditworld association. The definitions are configured to your specific needs in just a few workshops. This applies to the form structure, terminology, process flows and the entire topic of security/authorizations.

Coverage of all relevant topics

The following Screenshots provide an insight into the various topics our audit management software covers. In the overview these are the following modules:


Risk management


  • Multi-year planning

  • Capacity planning

  • Operations planning

Carrying out the audit

  • Test areas / test fields (optional from Catalog)

  • Processing with online checklists (optional)

  • Statements (with online portal for the auditee)

  • Delivery coverage of the entire workflow including QA

  • Generation of the report(s) according to the specified layout

Follow-up management / tracking of measures

Working time and performance recording

Tip: Click on the image for a larger view

Experience Audit Manager Pro live

The best way to get to know Audit Manager Pro and its numerous advantages is a personal presentation. The flexibility and adaptation to your business processes always results in exciting aspects and new solution and optimization approaches. Please contact us, the easiest way is with our Contact form.

Auditmanager Comfort – worry-free package

With Auditmanager Comfort you can conveniently combine the application license (Auditmanager Pro) with a defined scope of support and maintenance work. This simplifies budgeting and allows you to contractually secure a basic range of services straight away.

Comfort 16

Comfort 40 (Bestseller)

Comfort 80

  • Yearly time budget:: 2 working days (16 hours)

  • Additional work: depending on effort

  • Visa threshold: 0.5 hours

  • Online Change Management: Yes

  • Combination for multiple instances: No

  • Yearly time budget: 5 working days (40 hours)

  • Additional work: depending on effort

  • Visa threshold: >= 4 hours

  • Online Change Management: Yes

  • Combination in multiple instances: Yes

  • Yearly time budget: 10 working days (80 hours)

  • Additional work: depending on effort

  • Visa threshold: freely definable

  • Online Change Management: Yes

  • Combination for multiple instances: Yes

Yearly time budget: The defined hours are credited quarterly. At the end of the quarter you will receive a report with an overview of the services.

Additional work: If the time units included in the package are not sufficient, the additional services will be offered and invoiced separately. Days not taken expire after 360 days.

Visa threshold: Thanks to the visa threshold, you have full cost control. You will receive an effort estimate for all extensions to be carried out. If our estimate is above the visa threshold, your approval of the work is required.

Online change management: Online Change Management allows you to submit fault reports or document expansion requests at any time. You also receive transparency about the status of the work.

Auditmanager Maxx – all-inclusive package

Since 2017 we have also been offering our Audit Manager Pro with an all-inclusive package. This includes the following services:



Application License

The application license (Auditmanager Pro) includes parallel access for an unlimited number of users. The 2-factor authentication module is included in the license and can be activated upon request.

Application operation

The application operation of the basic application (Auditmanager Pro) on the server systems. Your data is available for 24 hours via secure access (SSL / HTTPS). Access via tablets and smartphones is possible.

Basic applicator maintenance

This includest the updates to the technical application base (including any technical adjustments to the application). Maintenance work on the basic application (Auditmanager Pro) is also included.

Server operation and maintenance

The operation takes place in a shared environment in collaboration with a professional service provider. The data is operated in two geographically separate data centers in Switzerland at the “High Availability” level. 

Support and maintenance work of the specific application

Depending on your needs and application size, you can choose one of the Auditmanager Comfort service packages. These can be used for support, maintenance or smaller project work according to your specifications.

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